To accelerate global environmental progress by unifying the collegiate sustainability movement

Collaboration. Knowledge. Innovation.
Universities are at the forefront of environmental innovation; however, the communication mediums between them could be vastly improved. Potlux is a catalogue of ideas and a community of collegiate sustainability leaders. By sharing information and connecting with each other, Universities can adopt the best ideas into their sustainability platform and contact each other for support on how to accomplish this.

Our Name
Potlux: Sharing Light
We love potlucks. Everyone brings what they can to a delicious, community meal. We love the variety, creativity, and sharing culture. Our organization looks to do exactly this, but rather than bringing food, everyone contributes their idea, their creativity, their light that collectively grows brighter as more contribute. This concept is embodied in the suffix of our name as "lux" is the SI unit of illuminance.

The Team

Brent Packer
Brent engages in an eclectic array of sustainability projects from design to grant giving to public-private partnerships. He is also a multi-instrumentalist focusing on synth-pop, a cappella, and throat singing.
Aaron Rosen
Aaron is a software engineering guru with a passion for building complex backend systems. He loves to play around with and learn about new technologies.
Jared Geilich
Jared is a software engineer with a passion for UI and design, currently working as an iOS developer in Northern California. He is also a singer and multi-instrumentalist.
Gerard Liu
UI Design
Gerard grew up on a
rowboat in the Pacific
ocean, where he made
money drawing fish for sailors. Luckily, the practice turned him into an incredible artist. Then he designed the
potlux website.
Marguerite Suozzo
Marguerite is a rising senior at Brown University concentrating in domestic climate change policy. When she's not running environmental meetings on campus, she's running in an ultimate frisbee game.
Joaquin Benares
Joaquin is THE junior-varsity underwater-hockey co-captain. He likes technology because his Mom never let him own a gameboy growing up.
Keren Reichler
Keren loves sports.
She plays 14 different
types of athletics at
Wesleyan, including shuffleboard. She is very determined and always
gets the job done.
Cassia Patel
Cassia Patel is currently a Sophomore at Wesleyan majoring in Biology and pursuing a certificate in Environmental Studies as well as an Environmental Engineering degree at Columbia University through the 3-2 program.
Ellen Paik
Ellen is a junior at Wesleyan University and serves as Chair of the Sustainability, Finance and Facilities committee of the Wesleyan Student Assembly.