Climate Action League
INITIATIVE NAME Climate Action League
UNIVERSITY Brown University
CONTACT Sophia Gluskin Braun <>


Climate Action League is a student group that works as an intermediary between students and Brown's Facilities Management on projects that both parties are interested in that help Brown to be a more sustainable campus. The group is currently investigating the possibility of solar panel installation both on roofs at Brown and carports.


We hope that the project will not only reduce Brown's greenhouse gas emissions, but also be used as an educational tool for students and visitors about Brown's energy usage and for peer institutions, individual households, and organizations and companies in the area of how to get solar panels in a financially feasible way.


We worked with engineers in Facilities to visit roofs, evaluate different locations for solar panels, and learn about the financial process and financial incentives available to the school. We then met with solar panel companie who provided valuable insight into locations for solar panels, costs of installation, and financial options. We have written two reports for Facilities on our findings.


We want to reach out to other colleges in the area to see if either they are already invovled in a similar project or are interested in becoming involved with a similar project. This would help to make renewable energy production at colleges more widespread in the state, and it would also help to find avenues for financial options.