Energy Conservation Policy
INITIATIVE NAME Energy Conservation Policy
UNIVERSITY Wesleyan University
TAGS energy | policy | temperature
CONTACT Jennifer Kleindienst <>


Wesleyan adopted an Energy Conservation Policy in 2014. This policy establishes temperature ranges in all campus buildings to conserve energy while promoting comfort.


The results aren't in yet, but we're expecting this policy to reduce our energy consumption by at least 10%.  For this spring, most of the implementation was directed at academic and administrative buildings, and we had surprisingly few complaints from employees.  


A policy was pre-existing, but never formally adopted.  The Sustainability Coordinator and VP for Finance and Administration got support from the President, then met with all of the President's direct employees to get their buy-in.  For implementation, building temperatures were changed centrally, and any employee who complained about the temperature got a digital thermometer (so we could accurately identify whether people just thought the temperatures weren't in the range or if there was an issue with the heating system).


The results will tell, but we're pretty happy with the policy!


We want to continue to seek buy-in, since individuals can still control their thermostats to a certain degree.  For employees, we are looking for ways to reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the use of space heaters.  We want to roll this out more formally to students as well.