Green Event
UNIVERSITY Brown University
TAGS sustainable catering | green catering | event composting | event planning
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Green Event is a student-driven initiative to promote and facilitate sustainable event planning at Brown University. The group makes it easy to adopt eco-conscious practices. Green Event’s certification program is a simple framework for reducing waste, lowering Brown’s carbon footprint, supporting local businesses, and educating consumers.


Green Event is run by a relatively small group of students and was founded only two years ago. Despite this, it has already managed to make a small but significant portion of Brown’s catered events more sustainable and socially-conscious. As mentioned previously, Green Events reduce waste, lower Brown’s carbon footprint, support local businesses, and educate consumers. Through a rating system (“silver,” “gold,” or “platinum”), organizers can get feedback as to how “green” their event really is. Platinum events, for example, are bottled water- and paper-free, aim for Zero Waste through composting and recycling, are 100% vegetarian, locally source most food, arrange for uneaten food to be picked up by Food Recovery Network, and involve an education component.


Event organizers can begin the Green Event certification process by requesting a consultation on the Green Event website. Then, in a brief meeting, an event consultant will work with the organizer to create event-specific plans and goals. The Green Event team then makes themselves available via email for the rest of the event planning process. Based on the green measures taken, Green Event will assess and share the event’s certification rating after it occurs.