Scrap: The Brown Student Composting Initiative
INITIATIVE NAME Scrap: The Brown Student Composting Initiative
UNIVERSITY Brown University
TAGS campus composting | diy composting
CONTACT Leah Haykin <>


SCRAP is a student group at Brown University that aims to increase composting education, awareness, and practice at Brown and in its surrounding communities. SCRAP provides students with free green compost buckets, and runs two convenient compost stations on campus where students can dump their buckets.


Compost is vital because it diverts food from the landfill, reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Compost can also be used as a natural fertilizer, avoiding the need to use nitrogen-based fertilizers. A 100% natural process, composting is an integral part of how we both grow and dispose of food in a sustainable fashion. When SCRAP was founded in 2010, Brown did not compost in any of its dining or residence halls. Now, due to the hard work of SCRAP, Brown students can compost in their rooms through an opt-in model, and composting pilots were run in two Brown dining facilities in spring 2015. SCRAP continues to push the Brown administration to create a campus-wide composting system.


When it was founded, SCRAP built two compost stations: one at an environmental program house in North Campus, and one at the Brown Student Garden in South Campus. SCRAP’s “famous” green compost buckets are given away on several occasions during the year. Students can bring their compost to either composting location at their leisure. SCRAP members monitor the compost stations to turn the compost and ensure that the process is going smoothly.