Blueberry Planting
INITIATIVE NAME Blueberry Planting
UNIVERSITY Georgia College & State University
TAGS blueberries | planting | campus beautification | sga
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Using SGA funds and working with Grounds we were able to plant numerous blueberry bushels near the resident halls and on campus to provide students with edible landscaping.


Students now have the option of having a healthy snack, free of charge, that will continue replenishing itself. By utilizing landscaping in this way we are able to provide students with a beautiful campus that is a food source as well.


The SGA Director of Environmental Affairs spearheaded this project. By working with our Grounds and Landscaping Department, they were able to plan where we were allowed to plant and get help and equipment for the planting. Once it was the right time to plant, volunteers from SGA and the Environmental Science Club volunteered to plant the bushels at several locations on campus. 


Once the bushels were planted we realized that they did have a reliable water source to irrigate them. After talking with grounds we were able to gain access to water spigots to water the plants frequently. The Georgia heat was an obstacle at times, but the bushels seem to be recovering from the summer heat waves well. 


Hopefully this program can be expanded to include more blueberries and even other edible landscaping items to give students more options and be able to provide for our ever expanding student population.