Sustainability And Food Day
INITIATIVE NAME Sustainability And Food Day
UNIVERSITY Georgia College & State University
TAGS sustainability | food | day | campus | tabling
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Every year the Office of Sustainability invites campus organizations, community members, and businesses to visit campus for a day to celebrate sustainability and real food. These groups table with information about the green projects they have will students walk through and learn about them.


Students receive information on the sustainable projects going on on campus and in the community all while just walking to class. Several groups come to represent themselves every year so a lot of information is given out. This day is very important because a lot of students are not always aware of the special projects and green initiatives going on. They are able to learn about them and even become more involved. 


The Office of Sustainability coordinates this event by reaching out to campus groups and community members. On the day of the event tables are set up along the common path to classrooms and the library and the groups set up their booths there. Students walk through and receive information on all of the projects. 


Many events happen along this corridor so it is important to invite interesting groups and promote active tabling. This way students are engaged and actually get information instead of just walking by. 


Continuing the event helps get the word about sustainable projects and really raises campus awareness and conscientiousness. It is important to host it every year because new projects are always being implemented.