Bike Shelters And Fix It Stations
INITIATIVE NAME Bike Shelters And Fix It Stations
UNIVERSITY Georgia College & State University
TAGS bike | bicycle | bike rack | campus | transportation
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Through our Campus Green Initiative Fund, we were approved to add bike shelters and fix it stations on campus to promote bicycling and allow for students to maintain their bikes while on campus.


Students now have a place to store their bikes during rain and heat while on campus. Also if they need to put air in their tires or tighten any loose screws they are able to do so free of charge. This allows students to maintain their bikes to insure safe riding. 


A student proposal was written to allocate the money from the Campus Green Initiative Fund. Once the committee reviewed and approved the plans, the shelters and fix-it stations were installed. 


Because the bike shelters are not a traditional bike rack, some students do not know how to use them and seem to fully utilize the standard bike racks more. Also, with new freshman classes entering every year, some students are not aware of these options and further advertising should be implemented. 


Promoting safe biking on campus is very important and getting the word out to students that they have these amenities will hopefully encourage even more students to bring their bikes to campus.