Homecoming Tailgate Recycling
INITIATIVE NAME Homecoming Tailgate Recycling
UNIVERSITY Georgia College & State University
TAGS recycling | tailgate | campus event
CONTACT Lori Strawder <sustaingc@gcsu.edu>


Special campus events that bring in alumni and large number of students always increase waste, in an effort to reduce our trash rate, we added recycling receptacles at our Homecoming tailgate event.


We collected 260 lbs. of recycling from homecoming tailgating, and diverted 1.2 cubic yards of

waste from the landfill.


With the help of Grounds, the SGA Director of Environmental Affairs coordinated getting the bins out to the area where the tailgate would be held. Prior to this, a notice went out the all of the campus organizations in attendance warning them of a fee that would be incurred if they littered and encouraged them to utilize the recycling bins.


Due to the minimal amount of trash bins, some waste ended up in the recycling bins- only 65% of what was in the bins was recyclable materials. This also may have been due to confusion with labeling as some of the bins were blue and some were green. 


We hope to continue this program to collect even more recyclables. Next year we will advertise more and label our bins better to ease in the recycling process.