White House Youth Climate Conference
INITIATIVE NAME White House Youth Climate Conference
UNIVERSITY Georgia College & State University
TAGS conference | networking | white house | politics
CONTACT Lori Strawder <sustaingc@gcsu.edu>
WEBSITES storify.com/whitehouse/actonclimate | http://frontpage.gcsu.edu/article/news/students-participate-white-house-youth-climate-summit


Georgia College SGA President and Director of Environmental Affairs attended the first ever White House Youth Climate Conference in Washington, DC summer 2015. They were able to hear from speakers from White House staff and the EPA, as well as, discuss best practices with students from across the country.


Connections were made with students from all over the country. We were able to discuss projects, best practices, and simply share ideas and offer advice on how to further advice sustainability on campuses everywhere. It was also very inspiring to be around people with the same goals because it can be easy to get caught up in the stressful side of projects, it was great to be able to realize the difference we can all make by advancing sustainability on each of our campuses. 


We were invited to attend the conference by the National Campus Leaders.


We learned about many interesting projects such as, porous bricks for parking lots, concerts put on my bicycle-powered generators, and ways to drum up interest in sustainability. These include advertising in the dorms, hosting large campus events, and gaining support from the administration. The best way to advance sustainability on campus is to have the administration behind you; this will enable you to get projects completed quickly. Just because we are students does not mean that we do not get to have a say in how our school is run.


We hope to invited again to continue networking and learning from other students, as well as, sharing ideas from our campus.