Campus Wide Recycling
INITIATIVE NAME Campus Wide Recycling
UNIVERSITY Georgia College & State University
TAGS recycling | campus | green | waste
CONTACT Lori Strawder <>


Our recycling program has expanded throughout the years, now it includes single stream recycling for all residence halls, offices, and classroom buildings.


Over the years our recycling program has collected countless pounds of materials to be diverted from the landfill. Its presence on campus also encourages and reminds students to think sustainably all the time. 


The program has gone through many phases already. It started as a proposal from the Campus Green Initiative Fund to allocate money for recycling bins. There also had to be major communication with the custodial staff on how to collect the recyclables and where to deposit them for removal. There has also had to a lot of education for faculty, staff, and students about where and what to recycle. 


Having paired trash and recycling bins is the best way to ensure the correct waste is put in each bin. Also, advertising campus-wide events that draw attention to recycling help teach everyone on campus how to optimize recycling on campus. 


Expanding our program to have every bin paired trash and recycling. The next major step is to include recycle bins in outdoor areas.