Hydration Stations
INITIATIVE NAME Hydration Stations
UNIVERSITY Georgia College & State University
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CONTACT Lori Strawder <sustaingc@gcsu.edu>
WEBSITES gcsunade.com/2013/09/05/filling-up-at-filtered-water-spots/ | http://www.gcsu.edu/green/docs/grfee/gf12_jestel_hydration.pdf


Hydration Stations located in all residence halls and the dining hall make it easy for students to refill water bottles to reduce the amount of plastic water bottle use on campus.


We are not sure of the exact number of water bottle conserved, but students utilize these stations countless times a day.

This information was included in the proposal: At Georgia College, 429 cases of water bottles (or 10,296 bottles) were purchased from August 2011 to February 2012 just for vending machines. This equals about 61 cases per month, which is about 1470 water bottles per month (information supplied by auxiliary services). The on campus Chick-fil-A store sells 377 water bottles per week which estimates to 1508 water bottles per month. Just from vending machines and Chick-fil-A, Georgia College consumes an estimated 3000 bottles of water per month. This information does not include bottled water sold at other on campus sites such as Einstein’s, Books n’ Brew and Sandellas. This also does not include bottled water students and faculty purchase from off campus vendors.


This was a joint effort with University Housing and the Campus Green Initiative Fund. By pooling their money, they were able to afford this project that has been an overwhelming success. 


There are no trackers on the hydration stations so we do not know how many water bottles we have conserved throughout the years, which would be a really great figure. 


Up keep of the stations is very important as they are such an easy and cost-free way for students to be conservation in lives. Also, a study on how much water is used would be interesting to gather to find out how many plastic bottles would have been used instead.