Water Bottle Filling Stations
INITIATIVE NAME Water Bottle Filling Stations
UNIVERSITY Clark University
TAGS water | reuse | conservation | technology | take back the tap
CONTACT Robin Miller <sustainableclarkga@clarku.edu>


In summer 2015, 2014 and 2013 'Hydration Stations' to refill your reusable water bottle with chilled, filtered water were added on two floors of Goddard Library, in Johnson-Sanford Center, in Wright, Bullock, Dodd and Maywood Halls; in Jefferson Academic Center, the University Center and 4 other academic buildings. The ones in the residence halls were purchased by the Student Sustainability Fund! In 2012 Clark installed the first hydration stations in Kneller Athletic Center, University Center, and Jonas Clark academic building. The water bottle filling stations filter and chill municipal water, and are integrated into existing water fountains. The filling spout is motion-activated and dispenses 12 ounces of filtered, chilled water into refillable water bottles, eliminating the need to purchase wasteful and costly single-serving plastic water bottles. An automatic counter on the units shows how many disposable water bottles have been diverted from landfill by using the filling stations. At least three more stations are planned for the coming year, with a goal to have one in every well-used building on campus by 2016.