Ucsf Green Challenge
INITIATIVE NAME Ucsf Green Challenge
UNIVERSITY University Of California San Francisco
TAGS sustainablility
CONTACT Living Green Ucsf <sustainability@ucsf.edu>
WEBSITES sustainability.ucsf.edu/


The UCSF Green Challenge identifies and supports the implementation of new, impactful, and quantifiable ideas that reduce waste, carbon pollution, production of toxic substances, and/or that improve efficient use of energy, water, and resources at UCSF.

A panel reviewed all submissions and select one to receive $5,000. In addition, up to $25,000 will be made available for its implementation, demonstration, or proof of concept. The selection was announced at the annual Sustainability Award Ceremony on June 22, 2015.

The UCSF Green Challenge is a great way to participate with other members of our community and to generate potential solutions that will not only reduce our emissions, overall waste, carbon pollution, production of toxic substances, it also will improve our efficient use of energy, water, and university funds.


The Green Challenge was created by the Academic Senate Committee on Sustainability and supported by Senior Vice Chancellor John Plotts to challenge the UCSF community to submit innovative sustainability ideas. Artemio Cardenas, Analyst in the Academic Senate Administration, received a $5,000 Green Challenge award for his idea to develop engaging digital displays of UCSF energy and carbon emissions data to educate and engage building occupants.