Drought Emergency Task Force
INITIATIVE NAME Drought Emergency Task Force
UNIVERSITY University Of California San Francisco
TAGS sustainablility
CONTACT Living Green Ucsf <sustainability@ucsf.edu>
WEBSITES sustainability.ucsf.edu/


On January 17, 2014, Governor Brown declared a drought state of emergency for California. To respond to this crisis, UCSF has created a Drought Emergency Task Force. UCSF is ahead of the curve in reducing water consumption. But due to the drought emergency, UCSF believes a collaborative and organized effort to address enhanced attention to water conservation efforts across the University is critical.


The Task Force includes representatives from the following organizations: Campus Life Services (Housing, Transportation, Fitness & Recreation, and Facilities Services), each of the Schools, Research Services, and also the Medical Center.

How You Can Help

There are opportunities for you to do your part.  See below for details on these five water-saving tips:

*  Install faucet aerators
*  Join the Race to Certification and get your office certified
*  Report water leaks (and ask for free stickers)
*  Participate in the Pipette Wash Rack Program 
*  Win a $50 gift card!  Post your water saving suggestions on Bright Ideas in a contest for the best ideas!