Pipette Wash Rack Program
INITIATIVE NAME Pipette Wash Rack Program
UNIVERSITY University Of California San Francisco
TAGS sustainablility
CONTACT Living Green Ucsf <sustainability@ucsf.edu>
WEBSITES sustainability.ucsf.edu/


If your lab is using glass pipettes, Steris racks will allow you to wash your pipettes in a glass washer. Switching over to this method from the Nalgene system will save water and money.


If Genentech Hall installed 25 new Steris racks, it is estimated that over 11 million gallons of water per year would be saved, resulting in cost savings of over $51,000 per year.  With UCSF’s initial investment of $1,600 per rack, this is a great deal for everyone involved.

Students and staff can contact livinggreen@ucsf.edu to find out how they could get their FREE pipette wash rack and save millions of gallons of water! In doing so they were also advised to keep their eyes out for outdated equipment that is ready to be replaced.  Newer equipment wastes less water and less energy.