2015 Sustainability Award Ceremony
INITIATIVE NAME 2015 Sustainability Award Ceremony
UNIVERSITY University Of California San Francisco
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At the fifth Annual Sustainability Awards Ceremony, UC San Francisco Chancellor Sam Hawgood attended personally for the first time to recognize UCSF’s green champions, those unsung heroes who work to make UCSF greener and more energy-efficient. The annual awards recognize the many accomplishments of individuals and teams at UCSF around sustainability.


This year UCSF received a record number of nominations for the Sustainability Awards from all areas of the UCSF community. The following groups and individuals were winners this year:

Team Category:  The Mt. Zion Cancer Research Engineering team, Michael Dziadek, Alberto Alfaro, and Marco Dias were recognized for improving operational efficiencies in their building engineering systems.  “Michael and his team are always looking for ways to improve and save, by retrofitting the mechanical systems to operate more efficiently and extending their life or reprogramming equipment washers to run shorter cycles. These efforts have saved hundreds of thousands of gallons of water a year and 70,000 kwh/year from lighting retrofits alone,” said Hawgood.

Student Category:  Anya Desai, a third year medical student at UCSF, was recognized for her dedication to social justice, the environment and health by training and engaging the next generation of healthcare professionals.  At UCSF, Anya co-led Student Health Professionals for Social Responsibility and Remedy, a group that collects unused medical supplies and donates them to Medshare or directly to clinics in other countries when students go abroad for their international clinical programs.

Medical Center Staff Category:  Yelena Libova is a registered nurse in the Neurological ICU and is dedicated to “living green”.  Her hard work promoting sustainability led to a Gold level Living Green Certification, making Neuro ICU the first inpatient hospital unit to attain certification this year.






The annual award ceremony will continue to be held each year and honor those around the UCSF campuses helping to make the university and the medical field as a whole more sustainable.