UNIVERSITY University Of Missouri Saint Louis
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CONTACT Lawrence Davis <lgdcpb@mail.umsl.edu>
WEBSITES www.terracycle.com/en-us/


TerraCycle provides free waste collection programs for hard to recycle materials. We then turn the waste into affordable green products.


Members of UMSL's offices and classrooms use the Terracycle program to collect difficult to recycle items like electronics, potato chip bags, and bottles. We then sort those items, and send them off to the terracycle facility. They can then be reycled into new products.


The process was very easy. There are many people on campus that are interested in recycling and sustainability. We were able to find people  that would essentially "sponsor" a part of a building like an office or a classroom. After placing a box in their desired location, we give them two weeks before collecting.


The University of Missouri - St. Louis campus covers a wide area, so the biggest issue is finding a way to transport the terracycle boxes in a reasonable time across the campus. Some of these boxes have a large amount of material to them, which makes using a bike slow and impractical, but using a car isn't entirely sustainable either. Right now we are trying to figure out a way to transport the boxes while being sustainable. 


We would like to increase the number of terracycle locations on the campus, so that we can contribute more to the program. The Terracycle program is only growing annually and we at UMSL would like to be a part of that.