Solar Charging Stations
INITIATIVE NAME Solar Charging Stations
UNIVERSITY Johnson County Community College
TAGS student designed | student funded | alternative energy
CONTACT Kristy Howell <>


Students designed, funded, and built solar-powered picnic tables for outdoor charging of small electronic devices.


These tables are immensely popular around campus, as they provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to use or charge personale electronic devices outdoors. With tables that are easily accessible to all buildings, a sunny day will provide a regular, busy rotation of visitors to enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee outside while getting a quick, solar powered charge.


The project was proposed by a member of the student sustainability committee and construction completed by another member. The entire project was funded by our campus sustainable initiatives fund, and additional tables have been added since the first set using the same funding.


The tables' construction yielded many lessons, from materials and procedure to proper placement and angle to make the most of availabile sunlight in many different spaces on campus. 


Students frequently ask for more tables, the placement of which is discussed and evaluated by the Student Sustainability Committee and campus services.